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Kelimutu volcano with tree color crater lakes - Flores - Indonesia

Kelimutu is an active volcano near Moni in central Flores in Indonesia. At the top of Mount Kelimutu there are three crater lakes that have different colors. The colors of the lakes have changed drastically several times over the years. There is still no uniform scientific justification for this natural spectacle.

Local people believe that the lunar landscape of Kelimutu is a haven for the spirits. After that, the souls of the boys and girls live in the Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai, which changes color between turquoise, deep blue and white-green. The sinners wait in the In Tiwu Ata Polo. This lake changes color between red and dark red, but was also green or even white. The souls of the ancients rest in the Tiwu Ata Bupu. The now almost black lake was once dark blue, then light blue to white. The name Kelimutu itself means 'keli' = 'mountain' and 'mutu' = 'boiling' in the local language.

ITINERARY for 3 days/2 nights Kelimutu Tour from/to Bali:
Bali ✈ Ende (Flores Island) ➝ Moni village at the food of Kelimutu National Park ➝ Volcano Kelimutu ➝ Sikka village ➝ Koka beach ➝ Maumere ✈ Bali

Day 1:

Travel to Flores ✈ to Ende on Flores Island

From Bali you fly to Flores Island and will be picked up from the airport in Ende. The drive to the Kelimutu National Park near the Moni village takes about 1.5 - 2 hours and takes you on winding roads through a very beautiful mountainous landscape. Between Ende and Moni there are beautiful rice terraces to see. When arriving on Flores in the early morning, a detour to Penggajawa Beach (blue stone beach), which is littered with many colored stones, is possible. The stones are mostly blue to turquoise, but there are also green and red stones in between. The stones are collected by the local population and sold as building material. On the way from Ende to Moni we visit the village Wologai with well-preserved traditional houses in the Lionese architecture typical for this region of Flores.

Accommodation in a bungalow in Kelimutu Eco Lodge which is remote located surrounded by beautiful natur just outside the Moni village.

Rice fields on Flores between Moni an Ende
Lio Village - Flores - Indonesia - Kelimutu Tour
Kelimutu Eco Lodge - Kelimutu Tour, Flores, Indonesia

Day 2:

Tree color lakes of Volcano Kelimutu ➝ Maumere

On this day, we have to get up early in the morning and after a cup of coffee or tea, we drive to the volcano Kelimutu. After 30 minutes we reach the parking lot, and here a pleasant walk about 1.5 km and 127 stairs leads to the terrace of Mount Kelimutu at 1690 m altitude. From the view point you have wonderful views of all three colored crater Lakes of Kelimutu and the surrounding countryside.

Indonesia - Flores Island -  Kelimutu Volcano with 3 colorede (changing colors)lakes
Kelimutu National Park 3 changing Color Lakes  of Kelimutu  - Flores Island - Indonesia - Privat Kelimutu Tour
Approximately at 10: 00 fog or clouds can come up and prevent the view so it is important to be up at least between 8 and 9. In the midst of this lunar landscape, the colors of the Lakes look spectacular. It's always a surprise what colors the Kelimutu Lakes will have when we visit.

On the way back from Kelimutu to Moni we will pass beautiful rice fields and tropical Florest. We can do also a detour to small waterfall and hot springs. After breakfast in Hotel we continue our trip to Maumere passing Sikka village on the south coast of Flores Island. This village is famous for the traditional ikat-weaving and the old church, dating from the end of 19 century. You have some time to relax on the wonderful Koka Beach and than we continue our journey to Maumere. Enjoy the breathtaking views of this spectacular volcanic terrain, with plantations and villages clinging to mountain sides. We can stop along the way to make short walks at points of interest.

Koka Beach - Flores Island - Indonesia
Alte Kirche im Dorf Sikka Flores Indonesien

Depending on your choice you will stay in a comfortable and charming beach front bungalow in Amrita Beach Resort on the beautiful Waiara beach or with additional charge in the stylish and as well comfortable Coconut Garden Beach Resort or in our Waiara Village Guest House.

Day 3:

Departure from Flores ✈ from Maumere

The tour ends with transfer to Maumere airport for flight to Bali or the next leg of your trip in Indonesia. With an afternoon flight from Maumere , you can use the morning to take a half-day trip around Maumere, or simply enjoy time at your beach resort in Maumere Bay.


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